Nicodxmvs the solo artist

has been a

bit reserved

since releasing

two albums

back in 2016:

his solo album

Fall From Grace

as well as

his collaborative

album, Isolation,

with Western Tink.

While Nico released

a split single

early last year

and while he helped

to close out

Sleep Vol. 8

at the end of last year,

this is his first solo release

in a year and a half.

The new offering,


is an ambient, electronic,

cosmic, classical


It's dark yet

optimistic. It's everything

we can hope

to absorb within

a Nicodxmvs instrumental.

This is a ride.

To keep things

moving, Nicodxmvs

delivered yet another

track, this time

turning it up a bit

and bringing out

the sun. These two

might act as

night and day.

Rightfully so.