[All images taken from  jjvillard.com ]

[All images taken from jjvillard.com]

Animator, illustrator,

madman extraordinaire

JJ Villard

has a world of slime

and guts and ooze

inside of his head.

From his notebook

sketches to his

Adult Swim series

King Star King,

everything is high energy,

dripping with goop,

stinking of filth,

pumping within a bass

frenzy reality

where bong rips

and lightning bolts

take place

in the same intergalactic

strip club.

Yeah, it's that wild.

As of late,

he has been found

providing animation

for Viceland's

Party Legends,

where he recently

assisted with the tale

of how rapper

Bushwick Bill

lost his eye

while on PCP.

You can scroll through

his notebook collection

(a small portion of it,

at least)

up above, while also

enjoying his animated

Adult Swim snippet

down below.

Need more

from Villard?

Check out the pilot

episode of King Star King

below and be sure

to dive

into the hallucinatory

world of JJ Villard

where anything is possible

and yet the thing

you expect the least

is most certainly

the thing most likely

to occur.

You've been warned.