I haven't seen many


animated miniseries

but Over the Garden Wall

takes the cake.

All of the cakes.

Originally airing in November

of 2014

over the course of five

consecutive nights,

the show spotlights

a journey with half brothers

Wirt and Greg

as they try their best

to get back home.

Emotional, poetic, vivid,

and with some of the best

original music I've heard

in an animated series.

I honestly have no criticisms

with this show. It's one

for you to watch

by the fireside, as the outdoors

grow colder and kindling

is necessary.

Over the Garden Wall

is a coming of age

tale that covers

imagination, heroism,

love, communication,

and plenty of odd creatures

and lovable beasts along the way.

If you don't shed a tear

during the final episode,

then someone took your soul

a long time ago.

If you need more

from creator Patrick McHale,

check out his limited

Etsy book release


I just ordered mine.

Lastly, if you feel

like listening to the music

from the miniseries,

you can enjoy a few tracks

below. For real fans,

the vinyl to the soundtrack

is on eBay for $100.

It's the only thing

on my Christmas list.