2014: All Thats Gold

2014: The Valley

2015: Worlds Away

2015: Say It Here, While It's Safe

2016: NatLove

2017: Grey

Kweku Collins

has released

six strong projects

in a little over three years

and he can't even

legally drink yet.

Most recently,

the Closed Sessions affiliate

released his EP, Grey,

a nine song EP

fully produced

by Collins himself.

Allan Kingdom (“Aya”)

and Kipp Stone (“Things I Know”)

make guest appearances,

while Sylvie Grace (“Youaintshit”)

stops by for some

cello additions,

The remainder of the release

is entirely Kweku.

It's a personal manifesto

showcasing his journey

from beginning to present,

and something tells me

he has a long and fruitful

career ahead of him.

After all, he's only 20.