Earl Sweatshirt. Knxwledge.

Danny Brown. Blu.

Run the Jewels. Ab-Soul.

Young Thug.

Freddie Gibbs.

The list goes on

for hip-hop artists

that have featured

Bristol illustrator/animator

Ruff Mercy's work

for their music videos.

With a distinct

style of art overlay,

Ruff Mercy

has managed to swirl

reality into surreality

with paintings both

raw and rugged.

Someone exhaling smoke

is now a snarling dragon.

Someone crying

is now producing

lightning bolts

as tears.


On top of

a plethora

of music videos

and commissioned


(like Mick Jenkins'

album cover),

Ruff Mercy

also has a boat load

of solo work

and passion pieces.

His Instagram

is a gold mine

of kaleidoscopic creativity

and individuality.

Having spent time

working for MTV

in the 90s

and having manhandled

the last two decades

with stop motion,

creative direction,

project treatments,

and about any other

aspect of video

work imaginable,

Ruff Mercy's portfolio

continues to grow.


To view more

of the work

of Ruff Mercy,

be sure to check

out his official page,

a comprehensive YouTube

playlist and his

online store,

which currently

features two

original prints.

Fingers crossed

that a coffee

table book

is in the works.