After watching

The Secret of Kells

and demanding more

from Cartoon Saloon,

I discovered a string

of short films,

in particular Old Fangs

from 2009.

It is an animated

piece (mostly silent)

where a wolf boy

visits his estranged

and aggressive

wolf father.

Handled in various

forms of multimedia,

including heavy doses

of vibrant watercolors,

the short film

is a moving display

of distant family,

discovery, alcoholism,

and the spectrum of emotions

that are sure to precede

as well as follow.

If you need more

from Adrien Merigeau,

be sure to check out

Song of the Sea

if you haven't already.

It might be

the most beautiful

animated film I've ever seen.

Merigeau also has a really

great website, which you can

find right here.