Shells break glass,

break spells.

Most of my

recent movie reviews

have been handled

in one sentence,

but Song of the Sea

deserves so much

more. An animated

visual delight,

the Irish movie

is a hand drawn

masterpiece just like

the previous

Cartoon Saloon production,

The Secret of Kells.

Song of the Sea

is a 2014 film

taking on a folkloric

and mystical fairy

tale both nautical

and poetic.

Every scene

is a screenshot.

Every line

a delight.

From endless beards

where strands tell stories

of crying entire oceans

to holy wells

that act like aquatic

wormhole rabbit holes.

And how fitting

that the production house,

Cartoon Saloon,

is releasing their third

animated film,

The Breadwinner,

on Friday. Enjoy

the trailer below.