Some of my favorite

music this year

has come from

producer Niquo.

The single

“Rest Easy”

from United Common Records,

for example.

The EP Lucid

out via Flow Theory.

“Kiss (interlude)” alone

is worth a write-up!

The four song

project feels like

falling in love.

Can we talk about

the split single

“As Ever’?

How to turn

a lo-fi beat

into a piece of

atmospheric meditation.

Most recently,

Niquo released

the double track

“bloom // in parallel”

that again feels like

slumber, like parade

rain, like quiet.

Play all of these tracks

together (eight total)

and you have

a proper commute

to work, a proper

preparation for bed,

a proper head nod

to push you through

today and into tomorrow,

relaxed and alive.