In the middle of 2018,

rapper Jim Swim

and producer Blookah

joined forces for the

split single "Flex on Me"

and "A Million".

Playful, with plenty

of bounce, the two songs

now have new companions:

another split single

in the form of "Brakes Off"

and "Way Past Three".

Swim tongue-twists

his way through

the danceable

Blookah backdrop

on "Brakes Off",

splitting between

singing and rapping.

It feels like

a love letter,

a sing-a-long for those

lost in the world.

Slowing it down

on "Way Past Three",

Swim croons late

night confessions

as Blookah takes

his instruments

underwater for a

midnight dive.

These two

complimentary tracks

(with a hypnotic cover

from Hungarian illustrator

Melinda Magyar)

signify the growth between

producer and vocalist. Listen

to all four in order.

The progress is obvious.

The evolution is real.