Back in November,

producer Weird Inside

delivered a two song

split single known as

nobody there!

Complete with his own

artwork (like always, duh),

the electronic journey

is a slight change of pace

from his RRST project.

Less ambient and more

energized, the two pieces

are cinematic and buzzing.

Like the Tron soundtrack

if it came out

next year.

It's an isolated, lonely

headspace, but like plenty

of time spent alone,

it's a total blast.

Following the release

of the split single,

Weird Inside

released the loose

track “Crush”,

which is one

of my favorite instrumentals

of the year.

It bounces

like it's blissfully underwater.

If you need

even more

from Weird Inside, check

out his contribution

to Chillhop's

Spring Essentials alongside

Quickly, Quickly and Dilip.

It's cosmic and sonic.

Press place and place

the speakers

in your garden

and watch your flowers

grow faster

than ever before.