I been out for several fortnight constructing a gazebo as a haven for myself and others that are experiencing the winter blues. Stay well friends.

At the beginning

of the year,

I covered the double-sided

beat tape from Chicago-based


Artie Do Good.

Following that,

Artie was generous enough

to lend his trombone skills

on the collaborative

[neonpajamas] track “Pilot Light”.

And now, as we prepare

to wrap up the winter

(hopefully sooner than later),

Dr. Do Good is back

with a collection

of instrumentals

made to get

through the cold

days in the Midwest.

Known collectively as S.A.D. Gazebo

(or Seasonal Affective Disorder),

I am happy to not

only hone in

on this beat journey

(one full of jazzy

samples, PSAs,

and smooth bumps),

but to also

spotlight the lead single

with fellow Chicago-based

talent L. Martin.

2018 already rules.

Spin it back

until you drool.