In the last couple of months,

Toronto-based producer

Alaskan Tapes has

released three

split singles.

Ambient and freeflowing,

dreamy and serene,

these compositions

have been perfect

soundtracks for this

snow soaked winter.

After releasing

a split single

with collaborator

Ryan Svendsen

on trumpet,

Alaskan Tapes

followed it up

with “Drifter”

and an untitled track.

The two pieces are shorter

than previous releases

(three minutes each),

demanding an instant playback.

Sounding like daydreams

during snowfalls,

both of these

tracks are perfect

for the closing

of a cold February.

Look out for something

in March between

Alaskan Tapes and

[neonpajamas] Records.

I've already

said too much.