One of my very

first posts

on this blog

was Televangel’s

ambient mixtape

We Dream of Drones.

Two years later

and he has released

his debut solo album,

Anthropocene Blues.

Distributed through

Fake Four (the same

label that helped

with Blue Sky Black Death’s

final album, Glacial,

back in 2015),

the nine song

album is an

instrumental wonderland.

At times

melancholic (“Soonerlater”,

“Florence Reece”)

as well as

uplifting and majestic

(“Amos”, “800 Star Constellation”),

it feels like attending

an orchestra on another

planet. An opera

on the moon.

Spaced out

and bouncing

along for the ride,

it’s only right

that this release

saw the light of day

at the end of October.

It’s already

sold out on vinyl

but grab a physical

copy right here

while you can,

and be sure to check

out the visuals

from Televangel’s

past project.