I want to go dancing
your tattoos will slide off your skin

It's no shocker that I'm a total Blue Sky Black Death stan. I've been enjoying the solo work of the two producers (which you can find here and here), but I always find myself going back through their past content. The other week, I spent some time reflecting on NOIR, and now I'd like to do the same for Slow Burning Lights. Easily my favorite collaborative project of BSBD, they linked up with vocalist Yes Alexander for an ambient and ethereal album, one shrouded in poetic daydreams and dark, atmospheric layers. It's a dense symphony between the three artists, one that still sounds brand new. On November 11, 2018, Slow Burning Lights will be ten years old. Maybe they'll release the instrumentals or something. Fingers crossed.

The ten song doozy arrived half a year after Blue Sky Black Death's stunning studio album, Late Night Cinema. With those two, as well as The Evil Jeanius thrown in between (label troubles aside), it was a prolific and acclaimed year for Blue Sky Black Death.

The guitars on “Once Away”, the orchestra on “Movements”, the poetry on “Tokyo Underground”. What an operatic, moving project. Listen before visiting Dreamland tonight.