Since this website launched back in November, I've been slowly and steadily chipping away at covering the prolific and accomplished discography of production duo Blue Sky Black Death. Starting with their 2011 album (opus?) Noir, I then followed it up with 2008's Slow Burning Lights with collaborative singer Yes Alexander. Now, before returning back to their instrumental releases, I felt it necessary to speak on Third Party, the album that was squeezed between the two previously mentioned albums. Released back in 2010, the album is a collaborative release with Alexander Chen, the vocalist for Boy in Static.

Distributed through Fake Four Records, Third Party is without a doubt their most pop-friendly and perhaps their most accessible. It's electrified, dancing inside elements of shoegaze and electro, while still encapsulating that atmospheric BSBD style they craft so well (listen to “Slow Years”). The ten song album is one of their least discussed and most overlooked, but it remains one of their most vibrant releases. Songs like “Cynic's Cough” and “Absentee” offer layered compositions, both emotional and full of brightness.

As they've been

known to do,

BSBD released the accompanying

instrumentals in 2012.

Both versions are worth your while,

especially with all

of this sunshine outside.