I started covering

Slovenian producer

and saxophonist

Ziga Murko

in early 2014

when he only had

a few projects

under his belt.

He was featured

on the Mishka Bloglin (RIP)

a handful of times,

and he even assisted

with my international

instrumental compilation


Three years later

and Ziga Murko

has released nineteen projects.

One as an eight-and-a-half minute track

known as Nautilus.

One through label

Acorn Tapes.

Two through label

Burnt Tapes.

After releasing the eight song project

Seneni Nahod

back in December,

he returned this month

to Black Room,

a 31 song instrumental endeavor.

It's great to see

that Ziga Murko

is showing no signs

of slowing down.

His beats

continue to impress

and expect fifteen more tapes

by 2020.