I've been steadily

listening to Yellow Days

all year long.

He released the EP

Harmless Melodies

at the end of last year,

but it wasn't until


of this year

that I really digested it.

Spinning it back constantly

through the spring and summer

(as well as the Colors video),

it was with great joy

to see Yellow Days' full-length

release at the end of October.

Is Everything Okay in Your World?

is a cohesive follow-up

to Harmless Melodies,

complete with a similar cover.

At thirteen songs,

it's one of the contenders

for most enjoyable albums

of the year.

"Weight of the World"

might bring you to tears.

Equal parts bedroom rock,

lullaby pop,

and R&B/blues, it's an album

that demands more

than five listens.