The EP is about being on a label then dropping out to go independent. Basically having the freedom to control your own brand.
— wuudlum

Norwegian producer wuudlum

has just released

the four song

EP Freedom.

The entirely instrumental

project is short and sweet,

full of watery synths

and a bounty

of enchanting

sound effects.

Cohesive and liberating,

the EP will take you

on a video game

whirlwind where anything

is possible,

where magic

is all around.

The track “Rejoice”,

for example,

feels like

an electric waterfall,

like a splashdown

in paradise.

Closing track “Awakening”

is the most relaxed

of the bunch,

a closing credits of sorts,

but it still bounces

along nicely,

closing out a great

8.5 minute release

from the Oslo beatsmith.

This is the

second project

from wuudlum

this calendar year

(as well as a lofi

side project),

so if you need more,

be sure to check out

Changes in Time

from earlier this year

(posted above)

as well as Oblivious

from last month

(posted below).