Share love in a sincere and psychedelic way. Soul samples chopped to say things they didn’t originally say. Secret messages and whispers hidden behind heavy bass lines and pretty chords.

Since I first heard

producer Whoarei

back in late 2013,

I've been waiting

for a full-length.

That's not to say

he doesn't have

a fine portfolio

under his belt:

with one project

in 2012, another project

in 2013, and four

years of loose singles

and a Grammy-winning

production credit

(“u” on Kendrick's TPAB).

During this time,

Whoarei has been

crafting and fine-tuning

his album, Vibrations,

which dropped last week.

Recorded last year

and this year,

the eighteen song

instrumental project

is, as Whoarei puts it,

“40 something minutes

of music about love.”

What more needs

to be said?

The song “Wonder”

is so, so hot.