Japanese animated science fiction period martial arts superhero film


I don't need to

explain this movie.

Watch the trailer.

Gaze at the screenshots

throughout this article.

Afro Samurai's creator

was the character designer 

for Batman Ninja,

so please get up

from your couch 

and applaud this man.

If you've watched 

Afro Samurai, then

you know the visuals 

for Batman Ninja impress. 

The backdrops

(the clouds!)

and the animation

(the clouds!)

are truly stunning,

in particular the watercolor

scene where


The Joker forgets

his identity.

(end spoiler)

For this full-length film,

director Junpei Mizusaki 

takes the dark knight back

into ancient Japan,

where various villains

are attempting to take over

provinces and regions,

kingdoms and legions.

With about a dozen

familiar faces (Harley Quinn, 

Two-Face, Penguin, Poison Ivy,

Gorilla Grodd), the film

showcases Batman's successes

(and failures) at taking

down the enemy.

Obviously, The Joker

steals the show. 

This is one to watch

with a box of popcorn

as you work on

your karate chop.

This is one to watch

once at top volume

then again on mute

when you need some

inspiration for your writing. 

I love that Wikipedia defines

it as a 'Japanese animated 

science fiction period 

martial arts superhero film.'

Epic. You won't regret

this 85 minute joyride.