Artwork:  Deltizzle

Artwork: Deltizzle

With Space Coast Manor’s gates permanently locked, you can only see what remains at night as you pass by it from the beach line. Residents, tourists, ghost hunters, and thrill seekers have gathered over the years to try and see it in person, but nobody dares to break the locks, or brave the miles of woods protecting its doors. Until now.

Production duo

Slightly Faded

heroically return

to the abandoned mansion

known as Space Coast Manor.

Their newest EP, 

Space Coast Manor Sessions, Vol. 2

showcases the multi-instrumentalists

(by way of Chicago and DC)

and acts as a follow-up

to their 2017 release.

The seven song project

is a downtrodden yet uplifting

auditory experience,

juggling dark depression

with bright strength.

The electrified EP

is a dense, multi-genre

thrill ride blending jazz

with hip-hop and rock.

It's full of guitar solos,

piano compositions, and cello

breakdowns and is best enjoyed

with a quality pair

of headphones

and a full moon.