I take longer

to write about albums

that I truly respect

and admire.

Sen Morimoto's nine song

album, Cannonball!,

has been on repeat

since it was released

a month ago

and I still

have no idea

what to say.

I've taken notes

and jotted ideas

throughout, but

the LP (with help

from Kaina, 88 Rising,

and Sooper Records)

overwhelms in the best way,

something that perhaps

doesn't need

my added narrative.

That being said,

I've included

my notes below,

but most importantly,

listen to the album

and watch the videos.

Psilocybin jazz.

Dream verse.

Whispers at bedtime.

Saxophone lullabies.

Experimental hip-hop.

REM cycle rhymes.


Cotton candy clouds.

R&B breakdowns.

Horns on the shore.

Free falling freeverse.

Throwing ice cubes

into a jacuzzi.

Poolside jazz cigarettes

in another country.