Eleanor Davis

aka squinkyelo

has a social media presence

that is a mixture

of original paintings,

road travels,

and active protests.

A voice and an instrument

motivated by great causes

with a long history of art,

Eleanor Davis

is a fine addition

to the Ongoing Art Gallery.

I reached out to her

for an interview,

but the talented Georgia-based artist

is far too swamped

at the moment,

so rather than dismiss

covering her work,

I felt it necessary

to include some

of my favorite pieces

for this continual column.

From comic books

to graphic short stories

to commissions

for New York Times,

Google, The New Yorker,

and countless others,

Davis' official website,

sketchblog, and Instagram accounts

are all true gold mines

of bright paintings

and strong messages that say

a great deal without needing

to necessarily use words or dialogue.

If you like what you see,

be on the lookout for Davis'

upcoming travel book known as

You & a Bike & a Road,

to be released on May 16.