I’m new to

rapper Obijuan

but I’ve been listening

all week long.

First catching my

attention on a track

through my Spotify Discover

alongside Lord Apex

and producer Philanthrope,

I then found that he

released a ten song

project, Full Court Rappin.

Fully produced by

Italian producer Fat B,

the short and sweet album

is a great introduction

into the world

of the prolific rapper,

who also released

the three song

EP Bahama Palm

with Revenxnt

a few months back,

and who has been

steadily working

with Philanthrope

on an upcoming project

known as Italy.

Obijuan also released

a nine song project

back in June

called From the East

Blue, to the All Blue,

which was fully produced

by dylantheinfamous.

That marks three

projects since June.

Plenty more to come

and plenty to enjoy

in the meantime.

Obijuan might be

my favorite find

of the year so far.

Don’t sleep.