Artist Jack Follansbee

had been quiet

with his Mt. Marcy

moniker since 2017.

Last year, he released

the full-length project

under the name Drooms

and this year

he surprised fans

by letting loose two

Mt. Marcy projects.

One in June

and one in August.

Reassamblage, the first

offering, was inspired

by a trip

to North Carolina

and is full of

field recordings

and organic

(yet experimental)

ambient sounds.

“On Stilts Glazing”

is where it’s at.

Galapagos Loops,

on the other hand,

is more

of a return to form,

where Mt. Marcy

provides lofi beats

for your listening

pleasure. Play both

albums back to back

and find yourself

on the beach,

watching the seasons

turn regardless

of the time of year.

Lastly, if you need

more Mt. Marcy

(you do), he

revitalized his 2016 EP

Baobab Tree

on Spotify back in July.