Artwork:  Refined Acne

Artwork: Refined Acne

All music composed, performed, and produced by Jack Follansbee.

To soundtrack the sunny skies

of a cold February

Sunday in Chicago,

Pennsylvania producer

Mt. Marcy released

a three song EP.

He's calling it Tied Together

and the entire project

is made up of

original instrumentation and compositions

by Marcy himself.

The three songs

are guitar-driven pleasantries

teetering between melancholia,

euphoria, and sorrow.

When the piano arrives

on the final track

"Talking To You",

I feel my heart react.

I can't imagine what

this EP will sound like

once it gets dark outside,

but I'll be listening until the sun

goes down and continue looping

well into the night.

If you need more

Mt. Marcy, his SoundCloud

and Bandcamp accounts

are true gems.

Back in January,

he was featured

on an hour-long mix

for Alaya Radio,

providing solo material

as well as

instrumentals from fellow producers

like Rhoda, Tomppabeats,

and meltycanon.