L'Orange is back

with his first official

solo album since 2014.

That being said,

he spent 2015 and 2016

releasing a series

of three fully produced

collaborative albums

with Mr. Lif, Kool Keith,

and Jeremiah Jae,

as well as finding the time

to drop his free

2016 EP, Koala.

Now, the new Seattle

resident returns

to the solo spotlight

with The Ordinary Man.

Featuring a batch

of familiar names

like Del, Blu, Elzhi,

Oddisee, and more,

the album still feels

100% like L'Orange.

He is the conductor,

the album cover

magician sawing women

in half and bringing back

the dead through vintage

snippets disguised

as magic tricks.

The cinematic and vocal heavy

sixteen track album

feels like a trip

through time and space,

where L'Orange

is steering the vessel

and saying nothing

but pressing play.

Enjoy the album above

and view the video

for lead single

“Blame the Author”

down below.