Kwame and Jordan make up the Illinois duo Leaf Set. Well, quartet if you count Drake on merchandise & graphics and Lil Rach on photo & video.

Leaf Set have released plenty of loose tracks on their SoundCloud, but they have more plans for 2017. After releasing a video for an unreleased song (above) and digging through their archives, I felt it necessary to reach out to Kwame and Jordan to further enhance our List of Five column. Yes, it features stale food. 

Favorite Booty Math Tweet:

Ignoring all my hoes like homophobia in the black community.

"There's no fat on that joke. If you take one word away, it doesn't work."

Favorite Beat (Instrumental): 

Clipse "Gansta Lean"

"This is honestly just the shit. It feels like summer, and the intro and outro to the shit can play for 10 hours on loop. I love a really good riff and this one is the one for me. It's simple and potent. The strings pick up the slack."

Favorite Snack Cracker:

Stale Cheez-Its

"The texture and oaky after zest pair well with an evening of listening to the same thing over and over again, while excreting an oil from one's forehead thick enough to fry an egg over easy. Goddamn."

Favorite Guitar Player: 

John Frusciante

"One can argue he is a discount Jimi Hendrix on heroin but I am very inspired by Fru. I think he's truly a spiritual dude and puts 100% of himself into his guitar playing."

Favorite Beer:

Corona with Lime

"Any beer does the job though, it's a quantity over quality game."