[ Photo cred:  Nic Tullis  ]

[Photo cred: Nic Tullis]

Evan Brown is a Chicago-based photographer originally from Springfield, Illinois. On top of a non-stop freelance photography and video grind, he also helped start the digital platform and content studio Ear2Ground TV, which recently documented Emma 'StitchGawd' McKee as well as the return of The Cool Kids. With daily Instagram content as well as photography work for Chicago rappers Martin $ky, Melo Makes Music, and Ju, I thought it only right to give the talented visionary first dibs on my new column known as _____'s Five, where creatives list five things they feel like listing. As simple and as open-ended as that. Let's get after it.

1.) Favorite Director: Hiro Murai

This dude is special. The past 3-4 years every single thing that he has released has been incredible. From Gambino and Flylo visuals, to a couple short films, Hiro Murai’s work is flawless. Huge inspiration for me.

2.) Favorite Album: Demon Days by Gorillaz

It was so dynamic and trailblazing at the time it was released, and it has stood up longer and continues to resonate with me more than anything else I’ve listened to in my 27 years. Gorillaz production is truly timeless. Stoked for their new stuff.

3.) Favorite Video Game: Earthbound for SNES

Definitely a lesser known game but without a doubt my favorite game of all time. It was a game that’s playing style has been emulated over and over again (see: Pokemon). The soundtrack, quirky writing, and relentless mocking of American culture is what make it stick out, over 20 years later.

4.) Favorite Concert I’ve Ever Attended: Kanye’s Glow In The Dark Tour - 2008

I doubt this one will ever be topped. Ye’s first show in Chicago since his mother passed. Openers were N.E.R.D., Lupe Fiasco, Rihanna...Insane. The stage design was a first of its kind, and I haven’t seen anything quite as elaborate since (not even the Pablo Tour stage). It was an out of body experience that I can’t really put into words, and I will never forget it.

5.) Favorite Lens In My Camera Bag: Nikkor 105mm f2.8VR

The trend with many photographers the past few years has been ‘wide angle ova everything’, and even *I* fell into that trap, but lately my 105mm lens has helped me create perspectives that I like much more. It’s a prime lens, which means it is a fixed focal length (you can’t zoom in/out), so you have to move around and be creative to get the shots you want.