Photo cred:  Michael Wolever

Photo cred: Michael Wolever

New York visionary Elizabeth Wirija aka Lil' Wolf seems to do it all: graphic design, clothing lines, innovative books, portrait photography, short films, and a philosophy of positivity and meaningful spirituality. Every day is different for Wirija and she seems to handle it all with a sharp eye and a heap of imagination. I reached out to her for our newest column of Five, and as expected, she took the game to the next level. Without further ado:


"I have incredibly vivid dreams. It often revolves around dystopic themes heavily about mythical creatures and situations. This particular one involves a setting of a tropical rainforest. Instead of soil as the floor, it is replaced with a conveyor belt. All the trees were lucid green and hanging high close to the sky. Some bare fruit while others remain barren. But the dynamics of the landscape is harmonious. There was one part of the rainforest that I had to cross but it was swarmed with a flock of white birds obstructing the way. I ended up on the underworld of the conveyor belt and there was orange Greecian rooms filled with lavish vases and pots. An Indian god sculpture who looked like Shiva came alive and agreed to help me with my journey. We were breaking the pots for the gold coins within them. He ascended with me to the rainforest and got rid of the flock of white birds. I don’t remember much after that."


"There are multiple beautiful feelings that I can never encapsulate with just
words. It’s one of those experiential moments. I can recite a few:

• An unexplained heart flutter when all your valves are overwhelmed by an
excess flood of love for everything that exists. Where you just feel one with the flow of the world, not that man-made type of world but the true natural
understanding of life itself.

• The softness of touch and genuine care from another being.

• Relaxed sounds of white noise such as wind chimes or cicadas in the backyard.

• A sense of clarity after long periods of confusion and anguish.

• True understanding for all matters orchestrated in the universe for you.

• Sweet sensation of freedom from anything and preconceived notions about how things should be.

• Passion for unapologetic creation.

• Ice cold water after a heatwave."


"Recently discovered an exoplanet called Gliese 436 b. It resides outside of our solar system. It is similar in size to Neptune. What’s so fascinating is the fact that this planet is a contradiction. The surface temperature is around 822ºF however it is abundant with ice that stays solid due to the planet’s gravity. It is not natural ice that is found here on planet Earth but rather one that can only be created in artificial settings. It is both extremes and I dig the duality of it all."


"Nothing beats a ripe juicy mango that is freshly picked out of the garden, the sticky substance trailing down your fingers really signifies the summer to me and also living off the islands. There is also this specific color of orange mixed with yellow that I can’t taste anywhere else."


"Something about blue hour brings an ultimate sense of calmness to me. Maybe because the sky reminds me of a deep ocean, the clouds drifting like waves. Or the specks of gold windows scattered in the horizon. It is often a welcome to what’s ahead (dusk and sunrise). It feels like I’m floating on my back to nowhere, swaying with the flow of everything. Nothing else can bring me peace like that."