haju tapes.jpg

A new addition

to my radar

of enjoyable

independent labels

is California-based

Haju Tapes.

The cassette label

has a goldmine

of a Bandcamp.

Consisting of about

85% lofi instrumental

beat tapes, the label

also features

one of my favorite

releases from last year:

Loving, a seven song

dreambath of hazy

bedroom pop

meant to be

explored in outlandish

amounts of sunshine.

While the cassette

is currently sold out,

it shouldn't stop you

from streaming

the album and browsing

around Haju Tapes

in search of more heat,

like Brazilian producer Lzu's

project Abstracoen de Voce.

With fourteen releases

since beginning

the label

less than

two years ago,

the 'fly-fi'

collective offers up

plenty, including

the recently released

beat tape

by bobbitopickles

called Kava Kava.

It's worth your next

free afternoon.