You know I'm a sucker

for 10 minute projects.

And you (hopefully)

know that producer

Rude Manners

already released

a moving

10:00 EP through

[neonpajamas] Records

earlier this year.

He has since

followed it up

with a full-length

album, Avant Garde, through

Inner Ocean Records

as well as a half hour

beat tape,

Do Not Disturb, Vol. 1.

To keep things moving,

most recently, the New York

artist dropped yet another

ten minute rendition

on his own terms.

This time around,

it's known as Ode to Mars.

It's ambient, it's cinematic,

it's cosmic,

it's yet another

beautiful rundown

of quality music

from Rude Manners,

who handled

the artwork on two

of these

three projects,

who gave my logo

a lovely makeover,

and who deserves

all of the praise.