I have yet to update

my operating system,

so on SoundCloud,

the Barcelona producer

Kushu is simply five

square boxes

of blank mystery emojis.

Somehow, I enjoy seeing

those squares.

The beatmaker

has released two EPs

in the last two weeks

and they demand

discussion. The most

recent is the four

song beat tape

Songs of the Islands.

From “Beach”

to “Safari” to “Mosquito”

to “Goodbye Hawaii Goodbye”,

it's a tropical getaway

eight minutes in length.

Prior to that, Kushu

lived up to the title

'Cloudman' by releasing

the ten minute EP

Weed Selection.

The five song tape

is split up by dope

strains. Light up

and blast these two

lofi rundowns

back to back

to back to back.

And if you

need even more

from Kushu,

be sure to check

out the collage

art that he crafts

(his SoundCloud banner

is out of this world)

while also blasting

the massive batch

of self-described

stoner beats.

You need these bumps

in your life.