High desert crunch meets city life punch for this collaborative project in sound.

Was the secret

of Clutchy Hopkins

ever publicly revealed?

He grabbed my attention

a decade ago

with an MF Doom reworking,

followed by some solo

material (listen to The Story Teller)

as well as fully

collaborative albums.

Now, the old bearded moniker

(an alias

for a talented multi-instrumentalist)

is back with another

funky album

stuck in the desert,

not far from the shore.

High Desert Low Tide

was crafted with

new figure (another alias?)

known as Fat Albert Einstein.

Enjoy a dozen

instrumental tracks

with some of the finest

blend of eclectic

and worldly sounds.

You might not be able

to sit still

while listening

to "Stutter Steps".

Clutchy and Fatty navigate your journey through psych folk caverns of cactus dust to bloodshot rust-covered marine layer funk.