In the spring of 2016,

vocalist Appleby

and producer Elias Abid

released the four track EP

known as Down Dance.

The project

combined elements

of upbeat dance

and atmospheric electronica

with melancholic

and emotionally weighted narratives.

The EP encapsulated the sound

of a faceless singer

dancing with solitude

while seeking stardom. 

Now, almost two years later,

and with only one song

in the between time,

Appleby and Elias start

a new chapter with the

relaxed track "Pages."

The track is a guitar-driven


a hook-heavy single

that begs to be

the backdrop

for an emotionally

reflective montage.

Get Judd Apetow

on the phone.

The sound isn't an entirely

new style for Appleby,

but it does reflect an evolution,

one enhanced

by his face reveal

earlier this year.

The sound and the style

remain true

to Appleby's

often isolated lyricism,

all the while showcasing

Abid's production potential.

Who's to know

what the duo do next,

but I'm here for it.