Art: Ethan Hamilton

Art: Ethan Hamilton

Last summer,

New York rapper

Billy Woods

offered up

Known Unknowns.

The eighteen song project

features sixteen instrumentals

from Blockhead

and the remaining two

from Aesop Rock

(who is also featured

as a vocalist).

Additional features include

Homeboy Sandman


Needless to say,

Billy is in

good company, no?

Acting as one hell

of a lyrical follow-up

to 2015's impressive

Today, I Wrote Nothing,

Woods reminds the world

why he should continue

to be in the conversation

for strongest MCs in the game.

Songs like “Superpredator”

and “Cheap Shoes”

showcase Woods' lyrical abilities

over the smoothest

of bass lines

Now that it's below

freezing outside Chicago,

this album sounds

better than ever.

Ice cold.