I initially watched

the first and only season

of HBO's Westworld

last spring

but recently revisited

a handful of episodes.

Am I more woke now?

Yes, yes I am.

Like a sci-fi western

version of Ex Machina

on HBO's special steroids,

the ten part season

is existential,

philosophical, poetic,

and bloody as hell.

It will be interesting

to see if season two

(expected this spring)

continues down an interesting

route, or falls tragically

like The Walking Dead

and True Detective

and other violent shows

that have incredible first seasons

with shit follow-ups.

Shout-out Michael Crichton

for writing and directing

and releasing the original

Westworld film in 1973.

Do you homework

and you'll see that Futureworld

(the sequel) was released

in 1976, with a television

series Beyond Westworld

released in 1980.