Walk inside a haunted night through blood red bones and cobweb labyrinths. A nightmare cave of darkness. Take steps that throw you further into the unknown. See the brightness at the end of the tunnel. Follow the light. Approach such shine. Enter into a comfort zone. A man and his microphone. A guitarist surrounded by flowers. A multi-instrumentalist pulling from a bottle of red wine. Tiptoe your way into the divine.

If you had the good fortune of experiencing our event that took place at Emporium's pop up shop on November 05, you are a unique being. The RSVP, limited capacity evening was titled How Do You Define Happiness? and was kickstarted with mingling in a dimly lit room. Special drink concoctions were made while atmospheric and ambient music played overhead. Other than the creators of the event, the guests were unsure of what awaited them.

At 7:00 on the dot, the guests were escorted down a dark and haunted cave which acted as the original entryway for Emporium's haunted house. But instead of stepping into an area of ghosts and ghouls, the pathway led to an intimate concert of brightness and love. Of positivity and imagination. Of creativity and expressionism. Bouquets of flowers lined the floors. Artwork covered the walls, each piece courtesy of We Are Lions, the non-profit organization connecting artists with disabilities to creative outlets and opportunities throughout society. Like an art gallery. Like an acoustic concert. Like a fine smelling floral department. Like all of these rolled into one vibrant Sunday.

The highlighted musician for the evening was singer/songwriter Appleby. Previously faceless, the enigmatic figure stepped into the spotlight for the first time and played his EP all the way through. Consisting of five songs, the front-to-back occasion was backed by Elias Abid on keys/guitar/vocals (he produced the entire EP) as well as Quinn Cochran on guitar/vocals.

Appleby did a fantastic job at his debut performance by getting the electric and responsive audience to sing along to his unknown songs. With catchy hooks and hypnotic lines, his unreleased singles (like "Lady Sunshine" and "Count On You") have the radio-friendly ability to be learned quickly. Songs that demand that they stay in your head for days to come. If you weren't present, just wait until the EP release date.

Because the turnout was so strong, and the performance location could only fit 40 people, Appleby and co. were kind enough to perform the EP twice. Back-to-back. Allowing everyone in attendance a chance to glimpse the collaborative and sing-a-long spectacle.

Enjoy the Polaroids throughout courtesy of Lisa Ancilleri. It was a night to remember, one full of open-mindedness and joy. You can learn more about We Are Lions by visiting their website here and you can listen to more from Appleby (as we patiently await his EP) right here.