These days, everything I do bananas.

I'm a fool

for waiting this long

to pick up and spin

Aminé's debut album.

Released at the end

of July,

Good for You

is a summertime album

through and through,

one that the Portland

artist does

with endless grooves.

The rising star

caught everyone's attention

last year

with the yellowed out

video for "Caroline",

which has almost

200 million views on YouTube

(and another 77 million

plays on SoundCloud).

In the time

since that video

was released last

June, Aminé's

been on a rampage.

Made up of fourteen

tracks (and a bonus

with Kehlani)

Good for You

is a testament

to the Portland artist's

smooth philosophies

and electrified daydreams.

A peak inside

his head to show you

what he's coming with

off the jump.

It also manages

to feature Ty Dolla $ign

and Nelly in the first

two tracks,

followed by a four song

solo run

that shakes, rattles,

and rolls,

ultimately arriving

at another of the album's

singles: "Wedding Crashers"

with Offset. 

And that's only

the first half.

While the hit

single “Caroline”

can be found

on the album

(as well as

a moving

Jimmy Fallon performance

up above),

it's worth mentioning

a track that didn't

make the cut:


Conceptually sharp

and memorably colorful,

it's the only other

music video

by Aminé

and it comes complete

with a remix

from Missy Elliott

and UK rapper AJ Tracy.

The song remains

one of my favorites

from this summer,

a summer that is certainly

one for the books

for Aminé