black cake.jpg

I often forget

the origins

as to how

I stumble upon

particular websites.

Such is the case

for Black Cake,

a publication of live

poetry recordings

based out of

Portland, Oregon.

Blending music

with poetry,

audio books

with albums,

Black Cake

features a plethora

of sharp lyricism

and entertainment.

While their Bandcamp

hasn't been updated

since 2015,

it's still brand

new to me.

The page contains

a goldmine of creativity,

like Rachel B. Glaser

reading over Radiohead,

like a live recording

blending of poems, comedy,

and one-liners

by Sommer Browning.

As the site proclaims,

“All records are available

to listen to,

share, & download

for free.” Have at it.