Closing out the year

with his third project,

Toronto producer

Alaskan Tapes

has remained consistent

and loyal to his vision.

Having previously released

These Are Our Fears EP

back in October

and Beyond the Streets

back in March,

Alaskan Tapes

delivers again

with eleven tranquil songs,

driven by pianos and emotions,

together known as

We All Speak in Poems.

Such a fitting title

for an ambient instrumental

album with song names like

"You Find My Footsteps

Here, Forever" and "I Dreamt

I Still Knew Myself". 

Vocalist Chantal

stops by for two songs,

enhancing the layered

atmosphere A.T. has made.

Without further ado,

jump in on this snowy

Thursday and embrace

this calming album

that feels like

sunshine in the cold.