If I knew this album existed

back in 2016,

it would have easily

made my end of the year list.

Hell, it would have cracked

the top five.

Composer and multi-instrumentalist

Yann Tiersen

returned to his piano ways

with the ambient album,


Featuring field recordings,

which you can listen to

on the lovely EUSA website,

the eighteen song project

is getting me through

editing my poetry.

I'm so glad I upgraded to Spotify

because Wikipedia

has no mention of a 2016

Yann Tiersen album.

Recorded live

at Abbey Road

on a Steinway Grand

(probably an $80,000 piano),

the piano compositions

properly blend with bird chirps

and wave splashes.

Play piano, add some rainfall,

and I'm in.

Best known for his Amelie soundtrack,

EUSA is more reminiscent of

Tiersen's Tabarly.

Now I have to catch up

and listen to his past

two albums,

one of which is a soundtrack

for a hurricane documentary

and the other

which was recorded in Iceland.