I'm late

to most parties

and Max Richter's Sleep

is one of them.

There’s a bad joke here

about it being ‘slept on’.

Released in 2015

with over eight hours

of music (complimenting

a full night's sleep),

it was also released

as an hour-long album

known as From Sleep.

While I still need to

dive headfirst into the

unabridged version

(which was performed

to a sleeping audience),

the shorter LP

that has been guiding

my reading and writing

as of late. I loaded it

on Spotify right before

a plane flight and slept

above the clouds as it played

through my ears.

A fitting first listen,

I think Richter would agree.

Press play if you need

help sleeping,

or simply relaxing.

It's beautifully orchestrated

ambient music. Truly.