No, you’re crying.

I tend to always

discover my favorite

album of the year

just after the year

is over. Such

is the case

for 2018. It took me

ten months

to get around

to listening

to the full-length

Solan Goose

by Erland Cooper

but here we are

and I couldn’t be

more moved.

I found the opening

track through Alaskan Tapes’

ambient playlist

which led to me listening

to the whole album

for the entirety

of this past weekend.

It’s instrumental,

hushed, beautiful,

sorrowful, lovely,

and touching.

In the best

possible way,

it reminds

me a bit of

Diamond Mine

between King Creosote

and Jon Hopkins.

Except, you know,

without any vocals.

Press play right now

and dampen your eyes.

If you need

even more

from Erland Cooper

(you do)

be sure to check out

the collaborative

project Murmuration

with fellow musician

William Doyle.

Made up of three

‘Migrations’, the 38

minute experience

is yet another

journey that will sweep

you into slumberland

in no time.