Portland, Oregon

based artist

Molly Mendoza

first grabbed my attention

after she created a graphic

novel surrounding

the Voyager mission.

Turning the historically

accurate journey

into a hallucinatory

space dream

had me hooked

from the first page.

She completed Voyage in 2014

for her senior thesis

at Pacific Northwest

School of Art.

You can grab

the stunning beauty

in PDF form

for free here.

Her website

really is a goldmine,

full of zines

and collaborations

and commissions

that impress

regardless of topic

or style.

One of

the more minimal

releases is a zine

of her sketches,

all from 2016.

While the zine

is currently sold out,

you can enjoy

plenty of excerpts

on her website.

Cause is also a story about stress, forgetfulness, depression, and reassurance. We all have our bad days and our worst days but there are people in our lives who genuinely have our backs.

Most recently,

Ms. Mendoza

released the zine

known as Cause.

Described as

'a short comic

about a pewter knight

who tries to save

a homeowner from their

carnivorous plants',

the 24 page

limited run

is a diamond

in the rough.

All proceeds for this run will be donated to Planned Parenthood and the ACLU. You can grab a copy here.

This should be

plenty of content

to act as an

introductory article

into the artistic

world of Molly Mendoza.

Enjoy her Twitter,

Instagram, store,

and check out for more

around the corner.