Holy Moses!

Last year,

Finnish author/illustrator

Tommi Musturi

released a mammoth

of a graphic novel

known as The Book of Hope.

It's equal parts reflective

philosophy and imaginative comedy,

blending inner dialogues

with daily routines.

Like if Calvin and Hobbes

grew up in the secluded woodlands

and had more

tobacco on deck.

The drawings contained within

are some of the best pieces

I have seen in a graphic novel

and I couldn't help myself

but take more time than normal

on each and every panel.

I can't recommend this book enough.

Again, Fantagraphics continues

to kill the game,

and you can grab a copy

of the book right here.

10 stars out of 5.

Excuse me while I

read it all again,

then follow it up

with Musturi's past release,

Simply Samuel.