I checked out

Simon Hanselmann's

2013 stoner comic

Life Zone

and ended up

reading all 62 pages

in one madly entertaining sitting.

Created by Simon Hanselmann,

the series continues with

Megahex, Worst Behaviour,

Megg & Mogg in Amstedam,

and One More Year.

The comic (which is broken

up into four stories)

revolves around

the party-fueled, careless

lives of a witch and a cat

named Megg and Mogg

who are dating.

They live with an uptight

owl, and a hyper werewolf

often slides through

with cases of beer

and handfuls of drugs.

life zone.jpg

From ketamine.

wine, weed, and pills,

to anal plugs

and sex inside camping stores,

the whole comic

is a hysterical (and brutal) whirlwind

with wild characters

that you never want to go away.

Nothing is out of reach

for this series

and I'm happy to find

that multiple other books

on Megg and Mogg exist,

as well as an plenty

of comics courtesy of Vice.