Spooky Mansion

is one of my favorite finds

of the year,

and they don’t have

too much out

to the masses.

That being said,

what they do have

is doggone delightful.

The split single “I’m the Moon”

and “You’re the Wave”

are top notch,

with the former having

an official lyric music video.

Along with those tracks,

they also impress with their

Sofar Sounds

San Francisco performances,

where two unreleased songs

“New York Mom” and “Cold Clock”

were both filmed.

Acoustic and intimate,

the performance paints

a nice picture

for a group whose remaining

visuals area are a bit

more psychedelic and B-movie-esque.

Like their video

‘Gone Too Far’,

for example,

from last year.

It’s worth two views.

Long live Spooky Mansion,

and hopefully they make it

to Chicago next year.