San Francisco outfit

Spooky Mansion

grabbed my attention

last year

after releasing

one of my favorite

EPs of recent memory:

I'm the Moon,

You're the Wave.

It's still getting

spins around

these parts.

Even more recent,

back in April,

the group released

their debut LP


The ten song

album is more

energized, electrified

with surf rock

and cigarette piles

forming in humid garages.

It's a house party

that lasts for a few


“Torture” is the jam,

“Fox” is the slow dance,

and “My Gun”

is the one I can't

get out of my head.

The world needs

Spooky ambient

whale calls.

It's also worth

noting that

Spooky Mansion

(who did some production

work in Cambodia)

put me on

to the band

Sandy's, who also

released an album

this year, and whose

song “I and I”

deserves all

of the love

in the world.