For the first time

in my life, Spotify

put me on to good music.

No shade on Spotify,

as I've only had the service

for about a month,

but it wasn't until

the Discover playlist

contained a song called

“I'm the Moon”

by self-proclaimed 'surf-hop'

group Spooky Mansion

that I was officially sold.

"I'm the Moon"

is the lead song

off of their most recent

EP called

I'm the Moon,

You're the Wave

(So Plz Change w/ Me).

The four song EP

from the San Francisco group

is a quality

hallucination unlike

any other.

Relaxing, bouncy,

freaky as hell,

and a fine blending

between two vocalists.

Get weird with it

and if you dig what you hear,

you can check out

their five song self-titled EP

from last year.